The Unix Bigot (unixbigot) wrote,
The Unix Bigot

Damning with faint parking perks

At the train station near my office (Toowong, Qld) there is a "Park and Ride" carpark for commuters.
Three of the spots closest to the train station are reserved for handicapped users. They're almost always empty.

The carpark is otherwise so full people have parked *on top of* people who've parked on the no-parking paintwork.

Now, since the distance to the actual station from the carpark is about six times the length of the entire carpark, including four flights of ramp, I'm sure the nonexistent handicapped users appreciate their priority parking.

Perhaps some of the car parks *right next to* the station at the top of the ramp could be designated disabled PnR?
Tags: book me on the next comet
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