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Do not TAUNT happy extract command

The above sage advice was included in the README for one of the first linux distros. I think it was SLS or maybe Slackware.

Today I decided to upgrade my work PC from a rather broken and tired debian installation to shiny new Ubuntu Karmic. Previous upgrades of home machines had gone like clockwork.

Needless to say, everything went pear shaped. I spent the afternoon intermittently working off a liveCD system while trying to figure out why the installer would not detect my hard drive (it could MOUNT it, but not offer it as an install target). I ended up installing to my USB backup drive, then manually rsyncing the files over to my internal HDD and hand-hacking a grub configuration.

I had it all back in working order by about half-an-hour after knock-off time. :-/

Still, it's so great that you CAN run the installer in the background while working off a LiveCD. Were it any other OS, I'd be sitting twiddling my thumbs while the installer spat platitudes at me.