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Retrograde marketing

Dear Every Website On The Freaking Interwob,

Should I sign up for your periodic newsletters because I have a genuine interest in what you make or do, I will typically update my mail filter rules so that your newsletter goes into a mail folder where I will find it amongst all the noise.

It is therefore in your interest and mine not to CHANGE THE BLOODY SENDER ADDRESS ON THE NEWSLETTER EVERY SODDING MONTH. Fairfax in the back row, wake up and pay attention! Wipe that smug grin off your face Google Earth, I'm talking to you too.

I realize that every new marketing droid you hire must piss all over everything to make it smell like them, but please stress to them that there is no practical benefit to changing the From: address on their newsleter from "noreply@frotz.net" to "do-not-reply@mail.frotz.net". Then shoot them in the face.

Love and kisses,